Bazel Code Coverage Roadmap 2018

Last verified: 2018-08-08 (update history)

Fast Bazel C++ coverage (tracking issue) (P0)

Currently C++ coverage is 2x slower than just running the corresponding tests. The goal is to have similar times for running bazel test and bazel coverage on the same targets.


  • C++ coverage with clang uses profdata and outputs lcov (tracking issue) IN PROGRESS
  • C++ coverage with gcc uses gcov and outputs lcov (tracking issue) DONE

Have a reliable Bazel coverage report (P1)


  • [C++] Fix symlinks following in the coverage report. IN PROGRESS
  • [sh] Improve sh_test coverage (tracking issue) DONE
  • [Java] Improve Java coverage (tracking issue) IN PROGRESS

Improve adding coverage support for Skylark rules (P2)


Github hotlist

At any time you can check out the updated hotlist of all prioritized coverage issues.