Install Bazel on Windows

Windows support is highly experimental. Known issues are marked with label "Windows" on GitHub issues.

We currently support only 64 bit Windows 7 or higher and we compile Bazel as a MSYS2 binary.

Install Bazel on Windows using one of the following methods:

Install using Chocolatey

You can install the unofficial package using the chocolatey package manager:

choco install bazel

This will install the latest available version of bazel, and dependencies.

This package is experimental; please provide feedback to @petemounce in GitHub issue tracker. See the Chocolatey installation and package maintenance guide for more information.

Install using the binary distribution

We provide binary versions on our GitHub releases page

This is merely the Bazel binary. You'll need additional software (e.g. msys2 shell of the right version) and some setup in your environment to run Bazel. See these requirements on our Windows page.