Tutorial - Set Up Your Environment

The first step in this tutorial is to set up your environment.

Here, you'll do the following:

  • Install Bazel
  • Install Android Studio and the Android SDK
  • Install Xcode (macOS (OS X) only)
  • Get the sample project from the GitHub repo

Install Bazel

Follow the installation instructions to install Bazel and its dependencies.

Install the Android SDK tools

Do the following:

  1. Download and install the Android SDK Tools.

  2. Run the Android SDK Manager and install the following packages:

    Package SDK directory
    Android SDK Platform Tools platform-tools
    Android SDK Build Tools build-tools
    Android SDK Platform platform

    The SDK Manager is an executable named android located in the tools directory.

Install Xcode (OS X only)

If you are following the steps in this tutorial on Mac OS X, download and install Xcode. The Xcode download contains the iOS libraries, Objective-C compiler other tools required by Bazel to build the iOS app.

Get the sample project

You also need to get the sample project for the tutorial from GitHub:

The GitHub repo has two branches: source-only and master. The source-only branch contains the source files for the project only. You'll use the files in this branch in this tutorial. The master branch contains both the source files and completed Bazel WORKSPACE and BUILD files. You can use the files in this branch to check your work when you've completed the tutorial steps.

Enter the following at the command line to get the files in the source-only branch:

cd $HOME
git clone -b source-only

The git clone command creates a directory named $HOME/examples/. This directory contains several sample projects for Bazel. The project files for this tutorial are in $HOME/examples/tutorial.

What's next

Now that you have set up your environment, you can set up a Bazel workspace.