Bazel Brand Guidelines

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The Bazel trademark and logo ("Bazel Trademarks") are trademarks of Google, and are treated separately from the copyright or patent license grants contained in the Apache-licensed Bazel repositories on GitHub. Any use of the Bazel Trademarks other than those permitted in these guidelines must be approved in advance.

Purpose of the Brand Guidelines

These guidelines exist to ensure that the Bazel project can share its technology under open source licenses while making sure that the "Bazel" brand is protected as a meaningful source identifier in a way that's consistent with trademark law. By adhering to these guidelines, you help to promote the freedom to use and develop high-quality Bazel technology.

Acceptable Uses

Given the open nature of Bazel, you may use the Bazel trademark to refer to the project without prior written permission. Examples of these approved references include the following:

  • To refer to the Bazel Project itself;
  • To link to;
  • To refer to unmodified source code or other files shared by the Bazel repositories on GitHub;
  • In blog posts, news articles, or educational materials about Bazel;
  • To accurately identify that your design or implementation is based on, is for use with, or is compatible with Bazel technology.


  • [Your Product] for Bazel
  • [Your Product] is compatible with Bazel
  • [XYZ] Conference for Bazel Users

General Guidelines

  • The Bazel name may never be used or registered in a manner that would cause confusion as to Google's sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement.
  • Don't use the Bazel name as part of your company name, product name, domain name, or social media profile.
  • Other than as permitted by these guidelines, the Bazel name should not be combined with other trademarks, terms, or source identifiers.
  • Don't remove, distort or alter any element of the Bazel Trademarks. That includes modifying the Bazel Trademark, for example, through hyphenation, combination or abbreviation. Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms out of the Bazel Trademarks.
  • Don't display the word Bazel using any different stylization, color, or font from the surrounding text.
  • Don't use the term Bazel as a verb or use it in possessive form.
  • Don't use the Bazel logo on any website, product UI, or promotional materials without prior written permission from

Usage for Events and Community Groups

The Bazel word mark may be used referentially in events, community groups, or other gatherings related to the Bazel build system, but it may not be used in a manner that implies official status or endorsement.

Examples of appropriate naming conventions are:

  • [XYZ] Bazel User Group
  • Bazel Community Day at [XYZ]
  • [XYZ] Conference for Bazel Users

where [XYZ] represents the location and optionally other wordings.

Any naming convention that may imply official status or endorsement requires review for approval from

Examples of naming conventions that require prior written permission:

  • BazelCon
  • Bazel Conference

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you are unsure whether your intended use of the Bazel Trademarks is in compliance with these guidelines, or to ask for permission to use the Bazel Trademarks, clearly describing the intended usage and duration.