Bazel Roadmap

Bazel Core Improvement Areas

As of July 2018, critical areas that Bazel team addresses within Bazel core to fulfill the Bazel Vision are as follows:

  • Remote execution API is under development, but we are not yet ready to provide the full guidance to rule authors on how to write rules to enable it for their language.
  • External dependency management story needs to be improved including both the general dependency management mechanism in Bazel and interfacing with external package managers and build systems. The latter is critical for gradual adoption of Bazel.
  • Configurability. Outside of a few hardcoded cases (fat apk for Android,host -> target transitions), the promise of single-command multi-platform builds is unfulfilled.
  • Starlark API and tooling. We need to support the rule authors with clear, documented, stable API, and strong language and tooling: documentation generators, refactoring tools, testing frameworks and so on.

Roadmaps for specific Bazel areas


We publish releases on Github.

Code location

For the alpha and beta releases, the Bazel team will maintain two code repositories:

  • A Google-internal repository, containing both Bazel code and Google-specific extensions and features
  • An external GitHub repository, containing only the Bazel code.

We anticipate making the external repository primary in the future, that is, code from Google and non-Google contributors will be committed and tested in the external repository first, then imported into the internal repository. For the alpha and beta releases, however, the internal repository will be primary. Changes to Bazel code will be frequently pushed from the internal to the external repository.