Starlark Roadmap

Last verified: 2018-07-18 (update history)

Point of contact: laurentlb


Our goal is to make Bazel more extensible. Users should be able to easily implement their own rules, and support new languages and tools. We want to improve the experience of writing and maintaining those rules.

We focus on two areas:

  • Make the language and API simple, yet powerful.
  • Provide better tooling for reading, writing, updating, debugging, and testing the code.

Roadmap for Q3 2018


  • Implement bzlint, a tool for linting and fixing code automatically (#341).
  • Implement bzl-rename, a tool for renaming symbols in BUILD and bzl files (#342).
  • Publish a prototype debugger for debugging rules.
  • Publish a technical plan for improvements in testing facilities (#5635).
  • Write a new prototype of Skydoc, able to handle rule definitions (#102).

Rules and Language