The BUILD target for a dependency. Appears in the fields of ctx.attr corresponding to dependency attributes (label or label_list). Has the following fields:
  • label

    Label Target.label
    The identifier of the target.
  • files

    depset Target.files
    The set of Files in the default outputs for this target. Equivalent to target[DefaultInfo].files.
  • aspect_ids

    list Target.aspect_ids
    The list of aspect_ids applied to this target.
  • Providers

    The providers of a rule target can be accessed by type using index notation (target[DefaultInfo]). The presence of providers can be checked using the in operator (SomeInfo in target).

    If the rule's implementation function returns a struct instead of a list of Provider instances, the struct's fields can be accessed via the corresponding fields of the Target (target.some_legacy_info). This behavior is deprecated.