Jump into Bazel with our installation packages, tutorials, and concept guides.

Install Bazel

Find and download Bazel packages and instructions for supported platforms.
Bazelisk (recommended)
Fedora and CentOS
Docker Container
Compile from source
Command-line completion
IDE integration

First build guides

Once you have installed Bazel, follow these tutorials to go through the basic Bazel workflow.

Coming soon: Keep an eye out — we're working on these guides!

Build concepts

Learn foundational concepts including source code layout, BUILD file syntax, and the types of rules and dependencies.
The essential building blocks of Bazel.
How to specify and connect workspaces, packages, and targets.
The configuration file telling Bazel what and how to build.
A directed edge between two targets.
Defines whether a target can be depended upon by other targets.
Builds with no external influences for deterministic and correct results.