Helper functions to access coverage-related infrastructure.



InstrumentedFilesInfo coverage_common.instrumented_files_info(ctx, *, source_attributes=[], dependency_attributes=[], extensions=None, metadata_files=[])

Creates a new InstrumentedFilesInfo instance. Use this provider to communicate coverage-related attributes of the current build rule.


Parameter Description
ctx required
The rule context.
source_attributes default = []
A list of attribute names which contain source files processed by this rule.
dependency_attributes default = []
A list of attribute names which might provide runtime dependencies (either code dependencies or runfiles).
extensions sequence of strings; or None; default = None
File extensions used to filter files from source_attributes. For example, 'js'. If not provided (or None), then all files from source_attributes will be added to instrumented files, if an empty list is provided, then no files from source attributes will be added.
metadata_files sequence of Files; default = []
Additional files required to generate coverage LCOV files after code execution. e.g. .gcno files for C++.