Recommended Rules

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In the documentation, we provide a list of recommended rules.

This is a set of high quality rules, which will provide a good experience to our users. We make a distinction between the supported rules, and the hundreds of rules you can find on the Internet.


If a ruleset meets the requirements below, a rule maintainer can nominate it to be part of the recommended rules by filing a GitHub issue.

After a review by the Bazel core team, it will be recommended on the Bazel website.

Requirements for the rule maintainers

  • The ruleset provides an important feature, useful to a large number of Bazel users (for example, support for a widely popular language).
  • The ruleset is well maintained. There must be at least two active maintainers.
  • The ruleset is well documented, with examples, and easy to use.
  • The ruleset follows the best practices and is performant (see the performance guide).
  • The ruleset has sufficient test coverage.
  • The ruleset is tested on BuildKite with the latest version of Bazel. Tests should always pass (when used as a presubmit check).
  • The ruleset is also tested with the upcoming incompatible changes. Breakages should be fixed within two weeks. Migration issues should be reported to the Bazel team quickly.

Requirements for Bazel developers

  • Recommended rules are frequently tested with Bazel at head (at least once a day).
  • No change in Bazel may break a recommended rule (with the default set of flags). If it happens, the change should be fixed or rolled back.


If there is a concern that a particular ruleset is no longer meeting the requirements, a GitHub issue should be filed.

Rule maintainers will be contacted and need to respond in 2 weeks. Based on the outcome, Bazel core team might make a decision to demote the rule set.