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Bazel Community Experts

Companies who have provided significant contributions to the Bazel community and can help with your project.


Tweag I/O is one of Bazel's earliest adopters and has been an active contributor of new features and new extensions since early 2018. They now help others succeed in switching to Bazel. Tweag’s engineers and scientists bring rich Bazel skills plus complementary expertise that spans language design, software verification, data science, and more. Together with Nix, Bazel is integral to delivering byte-for-byte reproducible, composable software systems integrated from hundreds of sources. Learn more


Scalio proliferates the adoption of Bazel, by bringing digital transformation and advanced build pipeline tooling to enterprise customers. Their primary focus is in advancing build/test tooling for all languages and platforms, working with the world's top companies to move their organizations to Bazel. Scalio's goal is in helping these companies to build and test software at scale -- quickly and reliably. Find more about Scalio’s Bazel initiatives here on Github. Learn more


Codethink is an Open Source software consultancy providing development, integration, test automation and whole-of-life maintenance services for advanced software on production embedded devices and cloud infrastructure. Codethink works with international-scale organisations exploiting Bazel and remote execution solutions to increase continuous delivery productivity and throughput. Learn more

If you are interested in being listed as a community expert, please contact bazel-experts@bazel.build.