Contributing to Bazel

There are many ways to help the Bazel project and ecosystem.

Provide feedback

As you use Bazel, you may find things that can be improved. You can help by reporting issues when:

  • Bazel crashes or you encounter a bug that can only be resolved using bazel clean.
  • The documentation is incomplete or unclear. You can also report issues from the page you are viewing by using the "Create issue" link at the top right corner of the page.
  • An error message could be improved.

Participate in the community

You can engage with the Bazel community by:

Contribute code

You can contribute to the Bazel ecosystem by:

  • Helping rules maintainers by contributing pull requests.
  • Creating new rules and open-sourcing them.
  • Contributing to Bazel-related tools, for example, migration tools.
  • Improving Bazel integration with other IDEs and tools.

To learn how to work on the Bazel code base, see getting started.